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OrCAD Capture

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For fast, intuitive schematic editing and project management

Industry-proven OrCAD solutions are available as standalone products or in comprehensive suites. Unlike other PCB design tools, OrCAD PCB design suites provide a feature-rich, fully scalable solution that can be expanded and upgraded as PCB challenges and the level of design sophistication grows.

Powerful capabilities for fast and universal design entry, including:

  • Fast, intuitive schematic editing technology
  • Easily organize and reuse duplicate circuitry through the use of hierarchical blocks
  • Boosts schematic editing efficiency by enabling you to reuse sub-circuits using hierarchical blocks
  • Create and edit parts in the library or directly from the schematic page without interrupting your workflow
  • Automate the integration of FPGA and PLD devices into your system schematic
  • Access any or all part, net, pins, and title block properties, and make changes quickly through a single spreadsheet viewer/editor
  • Create basic bill of materials (BOMs) outputs extracting from the information contained in the schematic database
  • Identify parts visually, modify the properties as needed, and then dynamically place it within a design all in the same sequence
  • Interfaces with other CAD applications with minimal translation needs or integration problems importing and exporting virtually every commonly used design file format

New Features and Enhancements in Capture 16.6 Release

Graphical Operation (GOp) Locking

The GOp locking feature in Capture now allows you to lock the different parts of a schematic design. Lock objects on a page, lock a page, folder, or even the complete design. This feature prevents inadvertently moving or deleting parts of a design that are locked. Designs requiring alteration will need to be unlocked before any changes are made.

Placement Report

Generate a report of the X and Y locations of the placements of the parts on a schematic. This report, generated as a .CSV file, provides these details of the parts:
  • Reference designator
  • Part name
  • Schematic name
  • Sheet number
  • File system location of the part library
  • X and Y co-ordinate location

Find Result Reports

After executing the Find command on a design, generate a report for the results from the command. By running the Find command to search for different types of objects in a design, the search results display in different tabs of the Find window, allowing you to export the data from each tab.

Introduction of NetGroup

OrCAD Capture introduces the concept of the NetGroup that allows you to create groups of nets. A NetGroup can include a group of scalar nets, vector nets, or a combination of both. Capture allows you to create Named NetGroups that can be used across a design or exported to other designs. Alternatively, for one-time use, you can create an Unnamed/Adhoc NetGroup.

The new NetGroup Connector can be used to intelligently merge and tap out signals. It can also be used to generate net names for connected signals.

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