Allegro Design Authoring

Efficient definition and constraint management

Cadence® Allegro® Design Authoring is an enterprise-enabled design creation solution that allows schematic designers to create complex designs quickly and efficiently. It provides advanced productivity features such as reuse of previous schematic designs as blocks or sheets partially or completely.

Oriented around team-based development, Allegro Design Authoring allows schematic designers and layout engineers to work in parallel. Users can capture physical and electrical constraints and assign design rules with the embedded Allegro Constraint Manager. Integrated with Allegro AMS Simulator for analog and digital simulation and SI analysis, Design Authoring also offers multiple options for FPGA integration.

  • Provides schematic and HDL/Verilog® design input
  • Assigns and manages high-speed design rules
  • Supports net classes, buses, extended nets, and differential pairs
  • Eliminates rework with powerful library creation and management
  • Allows synchronization of logical and physical design
  • Enables multi-user parallel development with systematic version control
  • Integrates smoothly into pre-layout simulation and signal analysis
  • Supports customizable user interface and enterprise deployment


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