VayoPro-DFM Expert

Product Overview:

VayoPro-DFM Expert is intelligent analysis software to perform Design for Assembly (DFA) and Design for Fabrication (DFF) analysis to new product. It utilizes PCB design and BOM data, interacts with entity parts library, respects to rich industry standard to design & manufacturing, intelligent simulate/analysis prior to manufacturing, find out defects & risk of design at the first time, ensure manufacturing & design capability matching and generate DFM reports for collaboration between manufacturing and design departments. It reduces design & manufacturing cycle, leverage manufacturing quality and save manufacturing cost.

Function & Features:

  • Support PCB CAD data source;

Example: Mentor, Cadence Allegro,Zuken, PowerPcb/Pads, PCAD, Accel,Protel, Gencad,OrCAD, ODB++....

  • Validate & parse BOM (Support Alternative PN, MPN, AVL/AML)
  • Huge component entity library
  • Fastest create part approach among the industry
  • Virtual placement (2D & 3D view)
  • Rich validation rules:
  1. Vayo experience rules
  2. IPC standard rules:

(i) IPC-SM-7351



  1. 3.User configurable parameter
  • Automatic DFM Analysis:
  1. PCB Fabrication

(Signal/mask/silk layers, drill hole …)


(Footprint/pad, distance, soldering …)

3.PCBA Test Points

(TP availability/size/spacing …)

  • Interactive Result Query;
  • Comprehensive Result Report;

(Support PDF, Excel …format)

  • Intelligent panel design tool;
  • Individual result share tool ease communication & collaboration.
  • Reduce trial-run times: 2 ~ 3 times
  • Reduce quality defects: 5% ~ 10%
  • Reduce manufacturing cost: 2% ~ 5%
  • Reduce design cycle, time to market: 5% ~ 10%
  • Save labor cost (DFM analysis): 50% ~ 80%
  • Improve product stability
  • Leverage Design & Manufacturing capability


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VayoPro-DFM Expert Data Sheet

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