Allegro Design Entry CIS

Powerful schematic capture and component management system

Cadence® Allegro® Design Entry CIS is the world's leading design entry tool. From designing a new analog circuit, revising schematic diagrams on an existing PCB, or drafting a block diagram of HDL modules, Allegro Design Entry CIS provides everything you need to complete and verify your designs quickly. Using Allegro Design Entry CIS, teams can share and reuse centralized parts information. With its comprehensive design capture and management environment, including built-in component information management capabilities, Allegro Design Entry CIS streamlines the front-end design process by reducing the amount of time needed to research and manually enter parts data. Integration with the Cadence Allegro PCB Editor makes it easy to complete physical design of the designs captured using the Design Entry tool.
Key Benefits:

  • Integrates EDA part data with MRP, ERP, or PDM systems or databases for optimal flexibility based on ODBC standards
  • Allows access to centralized part data to enable reuse of pre-approved parts and eliminate unnecessary new part introductions
  • Manages unlimited assembly variations by specifying part substitutions and tracking all ECOs based on all changes to the core design
  • Provides online part search, comparison, and selection based on enterprise and technical data to automate processes for part decision through design use in schematic capture
  • Allows automatic alert notifications when changes are made to a part so engineers can analyze the impact to a design


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