Allegro PCB Design

High-speed PCB layout, routing, and manufacturing output

Cadence® Allegro® PCB Editor is an interactive, high-speed, constraint driven environment for creating and editing complex, multilayer PCBs. Its extensive feature set addresses a wide range of today's design and manufacturability challenges. Allegro PCB Editor provides a powerful and flexible set of floor planning tools. PCB design partitioning technology provides a concurrent design methodology for faster time to market and reduced layout time. Powerful shape-based shove/hug interactive etch creation/editing provides a highly productive interconnect environment while providing real-time, heads-up displays of length and timing margins. Dynamic shape capability offers realtime copper pour plowing/healing functionality during placement and routing iterations. Allegro PCB Editor can generate a full suite of phototooling, bare-board fabrication and test outputs, including Gerber 274x, NC drill, and bare-board test in a variety of formats

Key Benefits:

  • High-speed, constraint-driven PCB layout for creating and editing complex, multi-layer, high-speed PCBs
  • Advanced floor planning and placement permits assignment of components or sub circuits to specific rooms
  • Design partitioning for faster time-to-market and reduced layout time
  • Interactive etch editing linked to on-line DRC
  • Dynamic positive shapes for real-time shape editing
  • Supports PCB manufacturing with phototooling, bare-board fabrication and test outputs
  • Offers advanced technologies such as Performance Option, design partitioning, and router performance options


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      Allegro PCB Design Data Sheet

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