Allegro PCB Librarian

Comprehensive Library Development Toolset 
Allegro PCB Librarian provides a powerful combination of spreadsheet and graphical import capabilities to maximize productivity and optimize library development resources.

Library creation is often a tedious, time-consuming task requiring a high degree of manual effort for development and validation of required parts. Large pin count devices, now becoming the norm for most designs, are especially challenging and prone to error if automated processes are not employed.

Allegro PCB Librarian provides a powerful mix of functionality that includes the ability to quickly import and manipulate data, split pins across multiple symbols and define visibility for power and ground pins. The capability to automatically manage, track and save part versions while continuously recording differences removes the need for manual intervention and greatly increases accuracy during the part creation process.

For companies who may have multiple EDA tools sets, PCB Librarian provides a single development environment and supports import/export of other EDA vendors' library data in addition to common industry file formats. Part creation can be further accelerated by directly importing pin tables and pin grids which can then be customized to meet company specific standards.

Finally, real-time validation and built-in, rule checks at each stage of the part creation process ensures that schematic symbols and PCB footprints are always in sync. All of these capabilities are also an integral part of Allegro Design Workbench and provide the foundation for a company requiring a larger scale library and design data management environment

  • Reduces time and optimizes resources associated with library development and verification through integrated creation and validation processes
  • Straightforward methodology for development of large pin count devices reduces time from days to minutes
  • Powerful graphic editor that supports custom shapes and spreadsheet import for schematic symbol creation ensures data reliability and integrity
  • Support for both full and incremental import of part information from common industry formats enables quick part creation and updates
  • Common library development environment for multiple vendor schematic tools including Mentor Graphics Design Architect, Mentor Graphics Viewdraw
  • Provides built-in version management via metadata support
  • Reduces errors through real-time and batch verification of part data
  • Integrates tightly with Cadence OrCAD Capture, Allegro PCB Design Editor HDL, Allegro Package Designer and Allegro Design Workbench


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