Allegro PCB SI

Advanced signal quality testing
Provides advanced interconnect modeling for constraint development and electrical analysis of multi-gigabit designs. Simulates high-speed signals, systems, and power delivery networks at the single- or multi-board level.

Integrated with Cadence® Allegro® PCB design, editing, and routing technologies, Allegro PCB SI provides advanced signal integrity (SI) analysis both pre- and post-layout. Operating early in the design cycle allows for "what-if" scenario exploration, sets more accurate design constraints, and reduces design iterations.

Allegro PCB SI reads and writes directly to the Allegro PCB Editor database for fast and accurate integration of results. It provides a SPICE-based simulator and an embedded field solver, and it supports behavioral modeling with a robust modeling language. Bus architecture can be explored pre-layout to compare alternatives, or post-layout for a comprehensive analysis of all associated signals. The Allegro PCB Power Delivery Network (PDN) Analysis Option provides modeling of all power distribution characteristics.


  • Performs a wide variety of SI analyses
  • Reduces design errors to increase first-pass success
  • Sets accurate constraints, quickly and early in the process
  • Improves product performance through solution-space exploration
  • Explores alternative topologies in the earliest stages
  • Supports modeling and testing for multi-gigahertz signals
  • Generates S-Parameters from signal topologies
  • Generates estimated crosstalk tables to increase design efficiency
  • Performs post-layout verifications directly from Allegro PCB Editor
  • Enables device model creation, modification, and verification
  • Verifies multiple-board and silicon-package-board signal paths
  • Analyzes power distribution system characteristics

Allegro PCB SI provides a scalable solution for pre- and post-route analysis of critical high-speed signals on PCB systems and is tightly integrated with the Allegro PCB Design suites. It offers the scalability to design anything from PCB systems with large number of high-speed nets to systems having a small number of nets that operate in the multi-gigahertz (MGH) range. This integrated analysis environment allows SI and hardware engineers to explore and resolve electrical performance-related issues at every stage of the high-speed PCB system design cycle
As timing margins shrink, it is important to consider the effects of discontinuities on the signal path, whether they are inside the package or within the system of multiple boards. The Allegro PCB SI solution performs analysis on the board, across multiple boards, or across silicon-package-boards. Its ability to read the Allegro Package Designer database and use actual signal lengths inside a critical IC package enables users to fine-tune critical signals on the PCB.


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