Cadence OrCAD PCB Designer Standard

Lower your cost of ownership

Cadence® OrCAD® PCB Designer Standard suite is a stepping stone into the Cadence OrCAD and Allegro® PCB Design technologies. Based on Allegro technology, this suite contains an integrated design flow that includes design capture technology and a PCB editor. With this new entry level design package, Cadence is bringing high-end PCB design technologies to the masses. OrCAD PCB Design Standard is a feature-rich, fully scalable solution.

OrCAD PCB Designer Standard allows engineers with tight budgets a cost effective way to invest in technology that grows with their future design needs. Successful organizations plan for growth, and investing in a scalable solution eliminates the productivity and financial losses associated with retooling when your existing solution “dead-ends.” Invest in the future of your business with Cadence PCB design technologies.

Introducing New Suites

In order to best meet current design requirements and affordably package all the new functionality in the 16.5 release a new set of PCB Design packages has been created. The new Design Suites allow users to pick just the right mix of tools and functionality to meet their individual design needs.

OrCAD PCB Designer Standard Includes:

Cadence OrCAD Capture

Easy-to-use and powerful, Cadence OrCAD Capture is the most widely used schematic design solution, supporting both flat and hierarchal designs from the simplest to the most complex. Seamless bi-directional integration with Cadence OrCAD PCB Editor enables data synchronization and cross-probing/placing between the schematic and the board design. OrCAD Capture allows designers to back-annotate layout changes, make gate/pin swaps, and change component names or values from board design to schematic using the feedback process. It also comes with a large library of schematic symbols and can export netlists in a wide variety of formats.

  • Offers full-featured schematic editing for fast, intuitive design capture
  • Boosts efficiency in schematic editing of complex designs through hierarchical design capabilities
  • Tight, front-to-back application integration increases productivity and ensures data integrity

Cadence OrCAD PCB Editor

Cadence OrCAD PCB Editor is an easy-to-use PCB layout editing tool for creating and editing simple to complex PCBs. Based on production-proven Allegro PCB technology, OrCAD PCB Editor’s extensive feature set addresses a wide range of today’s design and manufacturability challenges. OrCAD PCB Editor provides a powerful and flexible set of floorplanning tools and shape-based shove/hug interactive etch creation/editing. Interactive, shape-based, any-angle, push/shove routing allows users to quickly solve interconnect challenges. Dynamic shape capability offers real-time copper pour plowing/healing functionality during placement and routing iterations.

  • Provides a complete placement and routing environment for floorplanning, placement, and routing

Supports a comprehensive rule set for managing physical and spacing constraints


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